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Our Team

an audio visual staging, production & management company from concept & design to post

Since our launch in 1997, we have collaborated with event planners and worked directly with our corporate clients. We have produced and staged retail leadership conferences, senior leadership conferences, region managers conferences, analyst meetings, multi-site employee town hall meetings, and press conferences. We have created content including electronic imaging, opening and closing modules, presenter videos, award videos and signage, as well as procuring satellite and webcasting services for these events. We have worked internationally on four continents. We directed and executed events for companies at three Olympics Games, including internal programming, speaking tours and related events.

ABR is committed to excellence in providing impeccable customer service to our clients. We provide value with every project and follow the best practices of production design. In doing so, we have assembled and developed the best team in the industry for producing and staging live events. Our team represents thousands of hours of preparation and live show experience. We offer an unparalleled ability to anticipate and understand the needs of our clients. We have demonstrated adaptability and creativity, and cultivated long-term partnerships to find innovative solutions to different opportunities and to ensure a smooth program.

A Better Resolution, Inc. is SLBE & MBE certified by the City of Boston.

​A Better Resolution, Inc. (ABR) has built relationships with corporate and non-profit organizations for more than eighteen years. Our legacy is built on excellent communication, exceptional execution and proven trust. In order to succeed, every member of our team shares a clear vision and common goal with our clients, and together, we achieve outstanding results. We pride ourselves on working efficiently and with directed focus to respond to our clients’ needs before, during, and after events.